Our patent system is in crisis. Recent changes to patent laws and Supreme Court decisions have adversely affected inventors such that the requirement in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution of “securing for limited times to inventors the exclusive right to their discoveries” is no longer achieved. It is nearly impossible to stop an infringer from using an invention without permission, or to make them to pay for the damage caused when they do. The undersigned inventors call on Congress to pass legislation to address these critical issues.


PTAB – The USPTO Must Stop Taking Back Patents From Inventors

Patents that are infringed are often contested in the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB), which is an administrative tribunal within the USPTO, purported to be an alternative to traditional federal courts, and created by the 2011 America Invents Act. To defend a patent costs the inventor several hundred thousand dollars, and usually cannot persuade the PTAB to uphold the patent. Even if the inventor prevails in the first challenge, others are allowed to challenge the same patent over and over again. This has been devastating to inventors and small businesses that rely on patents to protect investments and build businesses. Participation in PTAB reviews should be voluntary at least while the patent is held by the original inventor. If PTAB reviews become a fair alternative to validity challenges in a traditional federal court, then inventors will participate voluntarily. Otherwise, patents that are believed to be invalid can be contested in a traditional federal court, as has always been the case.

INJUNCTIONS – Courts must prohibit use of a patented invention without permission

In the 2006 eBay decision, the Supreme Court held that in most circumstances a patent cannot prevent an infringer from using the invention. For instance when a large corporation can produce the invention faster, cheaper, or in greater quantities, they are allowed to keep selling in perpetual violation of the patent. Thus the inventor has no say in who gets to use the invention and what they do with it. The inventor cannot determine the price, the quality, the brand, the features, the materials, the factory location, the working conditions, environmental sustainability, or any other concern. Indeed, the inventor is compelled to grant the infringer a license for a royalty amount determined by the court. The eBay decision should be overturned, and the court should issue an injunction ordering the infringer to stop using the invention until they have obtained a license negotiated in good faith with the inventor.

PROFITS – Infringers must not profit by using an invention without permission

Current law limits most inventors who win in court to only a “reasonable royalty”, which in many cases does not cover legal fees and is too little to serve as a deterrent against large corporations with deep pockets. Large corporations simply ignore patents, knowing that few inventors can afford the millions of dollars and many years required to enforce their patents in court. In the rare case that an inventor survives the legal gauntlet, the infringer usually is ordered to share only a small percentage of their profits with the inventor while keeping the rest for themselves.  Without penalties infringing is much more profitable as a business strategy than inventing. To restore fairness and respect for patents, infringers should not be allowed to keep their profits made from someone else’s invention.

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List of current signatures:

Alabama’s 6th
Tom Waugh
Ron Williams
Alabama’s 7th
Mario González
Angie Fitch
Arizona’s 1st
Keith Shuman
Kurt Stillman
Dale Boehm
Andy Gibbs
Roy Patterson
Arizona’s 2nd
Mark Banister
Arizona’s 3rd
Doug Masi
Mohammad Ehsani
Arizona’s 5th
Sean Schlueter
David Beaty
John Wnuk
Arizona’s 6th
David Fitzgerald
Laura Myers
Ryan Stewart
Arizona’s 7th
James Smith
Arizona’s 8th
Tamara Jones
Alan Hoffman
Arizona’s 9th
George Margolin
George4779 Margolin
Adam Craft
Eliezer Rodal
Arkansas’s 1st
Wes Green
Arkansas’s 2nd
Leonard Livesay
California’s 1st
A Cameron
Nicholas Cravotta
California’s 2nd
Ralph Haney
Steve Hillenbrand
California’s 3rd
Brian Wickstrom
California’s 4th
Christopher Menchaca
Paul Lambert
California’s 5th
Scott Duncan
California’s 8th
Lawrence Glaser
California’s 9th
Christopher Menchaca
California’s 10th
Ron Heiskell
California’s 11th
Steven Vorpahl
California’s 12th
Jeffrey Brandstetter
Paul Peterson
Scott Douglas Redmond
Dennis Smith
California’s 13th
Robert Taylor
Francesca Kuglen
California’s 14th
Jonathan Feuchtwang
Robert Cole
California’s 15th
Sid Trani
California’s 17th
Eb Bright
Charles Gibson
Earl Bright
California’s 18th
Bob Zeidman
David Mcbay
David Smith
Ronald Zhang
James Sanchez
Todd Glassey
California’s 19th
Dennis Ruffer
Marcos Vielma
Ralph Williams
Brian Agee
Robert Dawson
California’s 22nd
Cindy Reichman
Shelly Conte
Jesse Vidito
Ryan Ruschhaupt
California’s 25th
Fabian Blakley
California’s 26th
Steve Morsa
Patrick Lynch
Misti Barnes
Keith Katz
Bill Baker
California’s 27th
Lynn Walford
California’s 28th
Scott Comstock
California’s 30th
Ronald Olch
Narb Avedissian
Robert Sant’ Anselmo
Wendy Knecht
Fred Davis
Paul Kleiman
California’s 33rd
Aaron Filler
Leith Emery
Sow Behl
Patty Anderson
Gina Efros
John L. Coulson
Derek Gable
Michael Petroff
California’s 35th
Rob Reyes
California’s 38th
Barry & Carol Delfosse
Giuseppe Veneziano
California’s 39th
Jack Hoffa
California’s 40th
Valerie Love
California’s 41st
Kenny Johnston
David Tolbert Iii
California’s 44th
Thomas Wright
California’s 45th
Amar Vakil
Muhammad Rahman
Connie Jordan
Julie Stone
California’s 46th
Kenneth Heaton
Robert Deioma
California’s 47th
Arthur Moncayo Jr.
Martin Nguyen
Allen Christian
Jody Williams
California’s 48th
Ed Dellis
James F. Kirk
Mike Rutland
Nicholas Dauderman
Ron Ballou
Warren Manning
James Carrigan
Robert Lotter
California’s 49th
Carlos Jimenez
Daniel Esbensen
Donielle Sullivan
Kenneth Stanwood
Peter Lasensky
Ray Stits
Tom Rauscher
Babak Forutanpour
Lisa Gibson
Scott Rowe
Armia Abdo
Raymond Stits
California’s 50th
Arthur Angelo
Michael Castaneda
Glen Aery
Kathy David
Janice Shields
Gregory Bourdon
Donald L. Wenskay
California’s 51st
Donald Avery
California’s 52nd
Chris Wilke
Don Johnson
Thomas Diot
Saeid Sarir
Andrzej Karolak
Mark Svendsen
California’s 53rd
Tyler Orion
Colorado’s 1st
Ryan Bennett
Clifton Croan
Spencer T. A. Lutz
Colorado’s 2nd
Carrie Hafeman
Edwin Wilson
Charlie Mason
Joel Scarbrough
Joan Waldron
Colorado’s 3rd
Rebekah Runnells
Parker Macrae
Kelley-Galin Deborah
Colorado’s 6th
Jeff Scaman
Connecticut’s 1st
Jamal Ingram
Connecticut’s 2nd
Andrew Pallotto
Darcy Bisker
Connecticut’s 4th
Rudolph Eberstadt
Stephen Salzer, M.D.
Samir Varma
Daniel Sarfati
Valerie Heilbron
Florida’s 3rd
Sabaresh Krishnan
Florida’s 4th
Josephine Burgio
Florida’s 7th
James Beach-Drummond
Valerie Carbone
Ramon Pineda
Florida’s 8th
Walter Blogoslawski
Dan Daniels
Ina Brown
Florida’s 9th
William Diaz
Ana Rivera
Robert Townsend
Rennie Rodriguez
Florida’s 10th
David Woods
Ian Alexandre
James Beach Drummond
Florida’s 11th
Mark Stadnyk
John Vilardi
Florida’s 12th
Wayne Rasanen
Russell Vaughn
Florida’s 13th
John Pfanstiehl
Linda Blume
Brian Aumiller
Clifford Peters
Florida’s 14th
Calvin Manning
Florida’s 16th
David Tucker
Howard Klein
Jon Capriola
Mike Loewenberg
Florida’s 18th
James Tylke
Florida’s 19th
Matt Stieg
Susan Maccario
Thomas Smith
Susanuh Maccario
Randy Young
Florida’s 20th
David Tippie
Kayayetta Dukes
Tommy Gaskin
Florida’s 21st
Freddy Lee
Leo Mazur
Scott Hammond
Stephen Haley
Florida’s 22nd
Elizabeth Eide
Eric Radzwill
Younes Mohseni
David Mcparland
Norman Levine
Kim Haley
Alva Allan
D Mcparland
Constance Andresen
Florida’s 23rd
Robert Rock
Israel Rosario
David Weiss
Steven Verona
Jay Cosik
Jason Sherman
Florida’s 24th
Cameron Gunn
Warren Wright
Florida’s 25th
Jorge Rodriguez
Florida’s 26th
Reymundo Otero
Florida’s 27th
David Breed
Nancy Berry
Georgia’s 4th
Zeba Parkar
Georgia’s 5th
Charles Wells
Dave Savage
Georgia’s 6th
Terry Sullivan
Keith Duncan
Shelley Jordan
Cigdem Delano
Kyra Kennedy
Kiran Valsan
Del Ross
Danny Ross
Maria Beug-Deeb
James Warner
Bill Muscarella
Georgia’s 7th
Ralph Pope
Yvette Kendall
Vijay Nenmeni
Derrick Miller Jr
David Ladner
Azam Jafari
Louis Hafez
Jason Ende
Thor Johnson
Georgia’s 9th
Tonua Williams
Roger Grabman
Georgia’s 10th
Janet Hanlon
Georgia’s 11th
Vince Gaines
David Petite
Jalal Khadiri
William Cottrill
Georgia’s 13th
Blake Hudson
Hawaii’s 1st
Raymond Gallant
Idaho’s 2nd
Robert Bartol
Steve Sedlmayr
Illinois’s 3rd
Illinois’s 4th
Jacek Tuszynski
Don Parker
Illinois’s 7th
Deena Millsapp
Gerald Thomas
Virgil Mathis
Steven Rehkemper
Kay Washington
Illinois’s 8th
Walter Rinebold
Sherri Lally
Illinois’s 9th
Kip Doyle
Robert Wrobel
Daniel Brown
Illinois’s 10th
Oleg Los
Armando Villanueva
Tai Matlin
Illinois’s 11th
Ramy Shenouda
Nancy Carra
Illinois’s 14th
Min Carroll
Illinois’s 17th
Steven Hampton
Illinois’s 18th
Michael Johnson
Darrell Schapmire
Indiana’s 4th
Michael Walker
Indiana’s 5th
John Ward
Pamela Wilson
Indiana’s 6th
Eric Davis
Iowa’s 1st
Bill Meng
Frank Morosky
Iowa’s 2nd
John Bakas
Iowa’s 4th
Nick Erickson
Kansas’s 1st
Dale Palmgren
Kansas’s 3rd
Christian Corley
Mark Ross
Rob Lembke
Warren Moore
Kansas’s 4th
Dwight Kinzer
Gary Stecklein
Harper Abbot
Merrie East
Michael Dresher
Nicholas Bennington
Virginia Brown
William Carey
Kentucky’s 3rd
Alberto Ratmiroff
Kentucky’s 6th
Greg May
Louisiana’s 1st
William Connick
Louisiana’s 3rd
Broussard John
Louisiana’s 5th
William Couie
Louisiana’s 6th
Marilyndiana Webb
Marilyn Diana Webb
Maryland’s 1st
Ryan Spahn
John Wayne Kennedy
Douglas Newcomer
Maryland’s 3rd
Myron Taylor
Jeffrey Klein
Maryland’s 4th
Glen Kotapish
Francis Omolaja
Maryland’s 5th
John Melius
Maryland’s 6th
Angadbir (Ab) Salwan
David Mccutcheon
Miguel Perez
Maryland’s 8th
Mark Greenstein
Dan Grano
Evandro Valente
Massachusetts’s 2nd
Steven Gold
Patricia Ramos
Mark Smith
Massachusetts’s 3rd
Jean Lapoint
Massachusetts’s 4th
John Soares
John Duffin
Massachusetts’s 5th
Robert Weber
Massachusetts’s 8th
Charles Megwa
Kenneth Yuen
Massachusetts’s 9th
David Butler
Robert A. Karczewski
Beth Chester
Ian Tompkins
Michigan’s 1st
Rodney Groleau
Mark Loucks
Michigan’s 2nd
Fred M. Glancy
Michigan’s 3rd
Todd Root
Michigan’s 7th
David Champagne
Michigan’s 8th
William Disessa
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Jim Amburgey
Jake Minor
Michigan’s 9th
John Austermann
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Michigan’s 10th
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Juan David
Michigan’s 12th
Nicholas Oddo
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Karen Bonnici
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Trevor Lambert
Charles Howerton
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